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Caring for your Concrete Pavers, Brick Pavers, and More

ColorBack Products Corp is solely dedicated to transforming and maintaining your concrete pavers, brick pavers, stamped concrete, standard concrete, and more. 

If you live in south Florida it is important that you care for your brick pavers and concrete surfaces.

Why are my pavers are fading?

The sun's rays are extremely powerful and eventually will damage (fade) your pavers and concrete. One way to avoid this is to use a good solvent or water based sealer. This will provide a protective coating for a period of approximately 2 to 3 years and also dramatically reduce the opportunity for spalling (chipping of bricks and damage to surface of concrete.) 

How do I keep the sealer from being slippery?

Applying a sealer to pavers and concrete can cause the surface to be slippery when wet. You can avoid this by applying a non slip additive. These additives should be mixed with your sealer before you apply it. You can purchase these additives at your local paint store.

Why do my pavers have a white haze over them?

It's called Effloresence which is a blem that resmbles a milky white stain. They will show up on your pavers shortly after you seal them. The best way to avoid this nasty look is to make sure your pavers are completely dry before you seal them. If not, the moisture will work it's way into the sealer and turns it white. You can test this simply by removing one brick to see if the sand under the brick is wet. If it's not then you are ready to apply your new sealer without any failure.  

How do I get rid of these weeds between my pavers?

Weeds between your pavers are easy to eliminate. What you will need to do here is add a product called "Polymeric sand". This is a product that is perfect for several reasons and eliminating weeds is one of them. It is basically an outdoor grout. Once you apply it, it creates a permanent seal and won't wash away. 

What should I use to fill the gaps?

Gaps This same sand (polymeric) is great for filling gaps 1/4 wide or less.

What is the best time to seal my pavers?

Weather The Ideal time and conditions to apply your sealer would be 75 degrees and sunny; however, anywhere between 50-90 degrees is generally fine. Take note that solvent-based sealants evaporate faster, so lower temperatures are better for application

How do I get rid of stains?

Stain removal is a big problem for many people. There are quite a few claims about how to remove stains on the internet. If you have tried them all with not much success than remove the worst of the bricks that are stained, and switch them with bricks from an area outside of the main area where they may not be so noticeable.  There are many over the counter stain removal products.

Will my new pavers match my old pavers?

New pavers will not match old pavers. Please be careful when someone tells you they will install your new addition with the same pavers and eventually they will fade and match. This is NOT true! Prepare yourself for an added expense. Once your pavers are faded the only way they will match the new ones you are about to have installed is by using our Colorboost concentrate. There is a skill that is necessary here to make this transition of color blend properly. It is a time consuming process and requires careful color matching from our experienced staff.

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